Frequently Asked Questions - RepScheme Bootcamp

FAQs - RepScheme Bootcamp

The RepScheme Bootcamp Program offers challenging workouts, but not impossible. As your coaches, our goal is not to intimidate, but to motivate.

RepScheme Bootcamp is a fitness and exercise program that focuses on cardiovascular endurance and fat loss. RepScheme Bootcamp is compromised of a 45 minute class session, offered 5 times a week.

Absolutely Not.

As coaches, our goal is to motivate you and provide means that are constructive to your fitness goals. We will challenge you, but NEVER in an intimidating, disrespectful or demeaning way.

We will pay attention to pre-existing injuries and assess your movement. We will scale and modify workouts according to your needs and fitness level.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Bring water!

Wear a good pair of shoes, ideal for running and “cross-training”

Bring a towel, you’re going to sweat!